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Map Extreme is the most powerful and flexible DNN map module. Advance features from Google and Bing. Total control over data, search and display. Native mobile apps. Easily formulate superior mapping solutions that far exceed all expectations!

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Customer Testimonies
 Per Rudolfsen

great and kindly support ... don't stop before a problem is solved!
Gita Greiner

get what I wanted with almost no knowledge of maps at all!
Brian Mann

unbelievable level of service to match the best mapping module around.  
Mike Cox

above and beyound my expectations.... by far the best DNN map module I have tried
Marc Turner
New Zealand

priceless module ... the only you will ever need ... create just about anything
Tony Harrison
United Kingdom

THE DNN mapping module ... must have if you display geographic data
Ryan H.
United States

access any data within my dnn portal and geocode, just awesome!
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Product Overview

Data Integration

Custom queries offer unlimited possibilities while also simple to setup with the Query Builder.  With external data providers, it reaches far beyond the local DNN database, to all Access, Excel, DB2, Sybase, ODBC, OLE DB, MYSQL, MSSQL and Oracle.   

With the Attached Location and Batch Geocoding features, Map Extreme can attach locations to location-less data from any other DNN modules, so that they can be mapped as well.


Search Extensions

Map Extreme provides 30+ events.  You can write plugins to inject custom logic to modify search behaviors and results throughout the entire process from server to browser.

The search form itself can also include any custom data fields and controls for search criterias.


Display Customization

Map Extreme provides 50+ scriptable HTML templates processed by NVelocity.  It is a sophisticated template engine with support of loops, conditions, variables and arithmetic. All display style and layout are totally customizable to match any look and feel. 


Map Features

Map Extreme utilizes the differentiating features from both Google Maps and Bing Maps.  Leveraging them as foundations, we also built a number of visually appealing and sophisticated map features.  Such as Star/Path Connectors, Radius Highlighters, Animators, Visitor GeoIP Targeting, Location Autocomplete, Polygons drawing, Bing Collection, GeoRSS and KML etc.



Mobile Apps

Map Extreme implements the DNN Web API framework and exposes data via HTTP RESTful services in JSON format.  Native mobile apps are available to display the customized maps and data.  The apps communicate with the Map Extreme instances from the DNN sites with the RESTful services.

In order to provide basic branding, we will package the apps with your logo, icon and DNN address.  Apps are all natives (not HTML5) for best possible user experience.  The set of apps consists of an iOS app, an Android app and a Windows app.  Additional fees may apply depending on app customizations, account provisions and store submissions etc.