Mohammad Kamali  

UK, 12/25/2010
Great product, great support. I searched a lot for map module and finally I felt it's best, after buying I believed that it's obsoletely the best! Their support is wonderful and their staff are very helpful. It's definitely true that this module is all about customizations, integrations and extensions.
Marc Turner  

New Zealand, 9/8/2010
Absoluetly priceless module and the only mapping module you will ever need. It catered for all scenarios and with some custom tweaking you can create just about anything. Support has been some of the best we have ever had not only through snowcovered providers but in the industry as a whole. Tin has helped us create and modify the exact model we were looking for and we will look no further for future developments.
Eric Swanzey  

MA, United States, 12/14/2010
There's a lot to like about this module and it's very well done. There is great flexibility all around - from the initial collection of data to the ultimate display on the page, there is precise control every step of the way. And the additions in 3.4 make it one of the more extensible map modules you will find.
Cape Fear Web Masters  

NC, United States, 11/9/2010
Great potential but bad support sums up this module. After using it on several clients we've opted to replace it due to lack of technical support... it looks like it would be a great product if it worked as sold.
Erwin van der Waal  

Gelderland, Netherlands, 12/13/2010
This is the best module I have ever purchased! Previously I uses Iframes and separate .asp files to accomplish certain tasks within the website. But with this module you can make your own module without knowledge of the DNN structure or DotNet programming skills!
Keith Wilkinson  

UK, 10/6/2010
This is a great module - although we are only using it at a very basic level it does exactly what we need and a lot more besides! If you are looking for interactive mapping tools for your DNN website then definitely give this module a look-in. Most reassuring of all the tech support is quick and very very efficient - can't recommend this module highly enough - money well spent.
Brian Murphy  

CA, United States, 10/19/2009
Great product and great support. The developer has been proactive in helping me to identify an issue I was having with getting the map to render inside another module, and while I haven't completely figured it out, he has followed up consistently and provided me with guidance throughout the process. Aside from the issue I am having, the module itself is the most robust and user friendly mapping solution I have seen so far for DNN.
James Woodruff  

LA, United States, 2/11/2010
I have many clients that are interested in mapping modules and my concerns in choosing one were level of function; ease of use; look-and-feel; and pricing. Netism Map Extreme filled all requirements and more! And the tech support is second to none. I needed a custom modification to the listing template and they were more than happy to take care of it for me. That's the kind of support a website developer needs to keep his own customers coming back for more! Thanks again!
Brian Mann  

Victoria, Australia, 1/7/2010
What can I say - puchased module around Christmas. Reported some issues with use in Asia Pacific/Australia region with kilometers/regional maps. Was not expecting reply over holidays but got very prompt response with fix/patch released within couple of days. What an unbeleivable level of service to match the best mapping module around.
Dennis Vieren  

Belgium, 4/23/2010
Great module, works faster & smoother than the 4-colored alternative from Mountain View. However, I can't seem to be able to contact support. I'v read all these "great support" comments below but I'm not receiving any response atm.
Eric Ballinger  

OR, United States, 12/30/2010
This is by far the best and most comprehensive mapping module you can buy. Even if it doesn't have a feature you need, the developers eagerly will help you out and offer suggestions.
Ryan Humphries  

United States, 12/21/2009
This is probably one of the best mapping modules out there... the fact that i can access any data within my dnn portal and geocode it is just plain awesome! A great module that does exactly what it's supose to. And the support staff is very helpful too when it comes to custom SQL queries!
Kevin Moniz  

Ontario, Canada, 1/22/2009
Great Module. and the best support from the developers I have ever received. can't say enough good things :)
JL Vergne  

France, 11/17/2009
Great product and great support !!! I finally get what I was lookin' for :-)
Daniel Wu  

NY, United States, 12/16/2009
Great product!!! great support !!!
Stuart Hilbert  

IN, United States, 11/10/2009
powerful module. top notch support.
Franco Prati  

Luxembourg, 11/3/2009
Very useful tool for database access and reporting. I like its efficient interface, its key data manipulation features and its robustness. Support is fast and on the point, and it compensate for the documentation which could be improved in order to allow us to better exploit the module good features.
Arnaud Dusseldorp  

Zuid-Holland, Netherlands, 10/15/2009
If you do not like to create your own module but you need to display data from external datasources, this is the module to use. After a slow start, I ran into some bugs. But the support was excellent and they fixed the problems and also added new features I needed very quickly. The examples and documentation can be better, but you can always contact support and they will help you asap.
Marty Boley  

DC, United States, 12/9/2009
Great Product, Great Technical Support, would recommend anyone looking to purchase a map product to purchase this one over any others. By far, this is map module has more features than any other ones out there. Their tech support is great also. I have seriously emailed over 100 questions to tech support and they always get back to me very fast and are very helpful. Would recommend this product 150%
Erica Davies  

United States, 11/9/2009
Got nothing but praise for this module so far - seems to have much greater functionality than the rest Ive looked at. Is highly customizable and the support was excellent.
Tony Harrison  

UK, 9/23/2009
This is THE DNN mapping module, the use of dynamic multiple sql queries which can be called via url parameter together with the very flexible templates make this a must have module if you want to display your geographic data. Perfect for business/club/property listings. I was able to integrate it to display Active Social Users and Groups, see the link below for a demo: If you need to display your data on a map then this is the way to go.
Simon Martin-Lemmon  

UK, 8/27/2009
This is an absolutely superb product and am really pleased I decided to purchase this as oppose to other similar products. Netism Map Extreme does everything that it says and offers a lot more than competitive products. The best part - the support. It is excellent. Netism went out of their way to help me get this working exactly how I wanted it. It is nice to find a company with both a great product and superb customer service and support.
Greg Brown  

OH, United States, 9/4/2009
You can config a Map Extreme module to load a birdseye view on module load - no buttons for user to click - your location just shows up in birdseye view - very cool. The other major benefit is that it connects to data from Xmod, Dynamic Forms, etc. so you can combine modules to build a very cool app in DNN. Version 2.0 of Map Extreme should be even better with regards to integration with other modules.
Sam Harry  

GA, United States, 9/2/2009
We have purchased several map modules on snowcovered and this is by far one of the best we have purchased. Our customers love the ease of use and the clean display. We also had a problem that turned out to be our configuration, but Netism went out of their way to help us out.
Lee Adams  

Cheshire, UK, 2/24/2010
An excellent mapping module. Easy to install and feature-rich. We'd ask that the location auto-complete can be restricted to a region (e.g. type in 'Manchest' and it only comes up with the Manchester options for your country, not the whole world) and better bulk importing. However, both of these are minor, hence the 5-star rating.
Per Rudolfsen  

Andalucia, Spain, 4/13/2009
The absolute best with Netism modules is the great and kindly support from Tin Lam. He don't stop before a problem is solved! I have bought tons of modules from Snowcovered, and not all give a support like Tin. They should learn out of this! Thanks Tin - you are in my favorites! Per (The Danish in Spain)
Steve Waldner  

ND, United States, 4/9/2009
Wow! Incredible versatility and top notch support direct from the developer. This module did every little thing I wanted it to do and did it well. So flexible, so customizable, it's just a pleasure to use it. I even asked the developer to add IMC capabilities and he happily did that for me. With IMC support, I can pretty much do anything with this module. Thanks Netism!
Tom Hundley  

GA, United States, 7/1/2009
This is a great module. It works very well and does everything as advertised. It is very simply to get it up and running. There is a slight problem with the HTML editor for the location details but it's easy to work around. I recommend this module to anyone needing a good mapping tool.
Mike Cox  

Ontario, Canada, 6/23/2009
Many module developers just don't understand how to make the most of DotNetNuke. I am honoured to let you know that Netsim gets it. Map Extreme goes above and beyound my expectations. If you just want a simple map, you just install it. If you need something more customized, Map Extreme makes it easy to get get the job done. I needed to dynamically plot properties from Property Agent and to do this I had to pull data from many different DNN tables. Tin Lam helped me write my complicated SQL and even followed up to see if it worked. This is by far the best DNN map module I have tried and you don't need an API key to make it work.
Gita Greiner  

Vienna, Austria, 4/1/2009
Excellent module. It supports everything you can expect, and much more possibilities. I could get what I wanted with almost no knowledge of maps at all! And that was because of the very great costumer support, which I had never experienced before during my several customer support contacts in more than 10 years.
Jeremy Farrance  

IL, United States, 7/15/2009
After install this appears to be a strange little module that doesn't do very much. HOWEVER, an hour or so of dedication to Templates and the Velocity syntax and there are simply no limits to what you can display. This module is definitely for power users with at least light programming experience, but if you fit that profile and need to re-use your site's data, feeds or are looking to display content from other site's RSS or external data source this module will allow you to create a solution and quickly go from prototype to professional looking output.
Kyle Sanders  

IN, United States, 1/12/2009
This product works as advertised and product support has been excellent. Upon purchasing this module I had it up and running in a matter of minutes. The only reason for rating it four stars instead of five is that we are currently working through a proxy configuration issue, although this in no way reflects the quality of the module or the support that has been received so far. I would (and will) give the module a five once we work through it. 1/15/09. As promised I have moved my review, the proxy issue that I was experiencing is resolved and my Intranet site is running this module flawlessly.
Jill Gerow  

CO, United States, 10/5/2010
This module is great. I just upgraded from v 1.0 and I love all the new features. It does everything we want and they have great support!